Self Build Conservatories

Planning Permission For Conservatories

If you're looking to construct your own conservatory then it's important to research the building regulations and planning permission requirements first or you may end up having to knock your conservatory down again at your own expense.

Do I need planning permission to build a conservatory?

On average about 60% of conservatories built today will require some sort of planning permission. If you satisfy the following conditions you may not need planning permission:

  • No more than 50% of the land surrounding the property can be developed, if more than 50% is to be developed then planning permission will definatly be required.
  • Maximum height of 4000mm for your conservatory.
  • Maximum depth of 4000mm for a detached property (or 3000mm for a semi-detached property).
  • If it faces the road side then planning permission is definatly required.

Building regulations required for a conservatory

There must be a separation from the house to the conservatory using an external quality door, patio door or some french doors.

You must also ensure that 50% of the area that will for the edge of the conservatory must be glazed and atleast 75% of the roof area must be covered with glass or polycarbonate.

If you have a listed building, live in an area of outstanding natural beauty or a conservation area then you will also require planning permission.

It's always recommend if it doube to contact your local planning officer who will be able to give you the correct advice for your area. It's also worth making sure you get everything in writing so you're protected in the future.